16mm induction

Standard frame exposure - 24 frames per second 


180 degree butterfly shutter

Aspect ratio 4:3

Sprocket holes on both sides (double perforated film)

16mm gauge 


Single perf - sprocket holes on only the left side 

4:3 aspect ratio - metal strip on the right side for recording sound

Only manufactured for 5 years. Why? Sound. You can hear the sound of the camera

wirring. Also, its not mobile. Wherever the camera turns, the sound will only be

picked up where its pointing. 


16mm singe perforated

16:9 aspect ratio 

Left side - sprockets

Right side - extended 16:9 widescreen image


Shoot super 16mm - HDTV workflow

  1. Super 16 negative film

  2. Processed in a film lab

  3. Telecine to 1080p - digital positive 

  4. Broadcast on HD


Film stocks (We are using negative stock)







Light sensitive silver halides suspended in gelatine

Gives the illusion of full colour image.

Negative stock - Industry standard. When developed reveals the negative image. 

Reversal stock - Have to get it right the first time. When developed reveals the

positive image. Used for specialist cinematography. This is easily damaged. 


Daylight stocks (D)


Calibrates around 5,500K

No white balance feature 


Absorbs blue colour

‘D’ 250

Kodak wratten 80A

(Blue coloured)

Allows you to shoot inside

Have to open aperture by +2 T-stops

Tungston stocks (T)


Calibrated around 3,200K

No white balance feature


Absorbed orange colour

’T’ 500

Kodak wratten 85B

(Orange coloured)

Allows you to shoot outside 

Only have to open aperture by +2/3 T-stop

Films speed 

Measuring of photographic films sensitivity to light

Film grain —> size of the silver halides 


Lower sensitivity has a fine grain

(Lower ASA                (Small)

speed rating)


Reacts very slowly to light



Lower: Small halides   100 ASA

Higher: Large Halides  500 ASA


Middle ground - mid point between sensitivity 

Higher sensitivity has a course grain

(Higher ASA                  (Large)

speed rating)


Reacts very quickly to light