In chaos, there is fertility"

- Anais Nin

Psychogeography - coined by Guy Debord

- geographical locations and the effect they have on emotions and the behavior of the individual



- to move about without a fixed aim, course or goal


Patrick Kieler - Robinsons in space (1997)


Will Self

- will selfs great British bus journey

- 1000 mile tour of the UK, traveling only by bus and coach


"Capture unseen lives" 




We had to bring in an object, literally anything that means something to us.

I brought in my little sister's first school photo. 

This would be a vital part in the making of the film.



Max 3 minutes

Images film and text


12pm Friday


Can either be:

1. performance

2. presentation

3. short film

4. photo roman



1. something internal

2. someone else's experience

3. wander somewhere new

4. contextualise your journey


For prompt 1 I decided to make mine a home-style video of my little sister using up footage I already have of her from the 4 years of her life.  Going to the beach is something that I love doing with her so for prompt 3 I decided to go to a beach Cornwall with someone new in my life and document the time there.  For prompts 2 and 4 I decided to write a small 4 line poem for each one as the other part of this task was to use text so I thought writing a poem would be perfect for this. 




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