Oasis Foodbank



02/11/17 - Production Meeting


Matt: Project Leader - Cinematographer - Editing 

Me: Cinematographer - Editor

Kieran: Sound

Billy: Sound

Questions to ask 
  • Length?

  • Audience?

  • What do you want people to take away from the film? - Donations? Volunteers?

  • What message do you want to give the public?

  • Who would you like us to interview? 

  • What questions do you want us to ask them?

  • What dates are you open? - Available to film

  • What music do you want in the film?

Get actor release forms!

Equipment will be provided by us

Need to get a high def logos

Do a location recce before shooting

03/11/17 - Client Meeting

Today we were meeting with Eunice, one of the people who works at the Oasis project to discuss the client brief more and to get a better understanding of what she wants from this promotional film. We would be asking her the questions the crew previously discussed. 


The film would be 3 minutes long and would be shown on their website, social media and talks at schools. 


They want to show that they make a difference. What they do makes a difference in peoples lives and change them for the better.  They help with peoples confidence and mental health.


Want stats and facts included in the video. Narration over the top.


Opening times:

Monday to Friday - 9am - 5pm


Wednesday: Foodbank/english class

Thursdays: Healthy cooking class


Could make some short edits to go on their social media. 1 min interviews for Instagram. 


Twitter. Instagram. Facebook.


Agreed to go on a recce on Wednesday 8th November

Final Film

Website link where the film is shown


Testimonial from Eunice 


We were very impressed with the students who took on board exactly what we needed both through seeking clarification at the briefing stage and whilst at the centre.  They appeared to work well as a team with roles allocated in advance to save taking up time with us.


They were very astute as regards the sensitivities of the centre. The cookery group contained people with varying physical and learning disabilities and they were not phased working with them.


We thought their first video was impressive. We suggested some amendments and they took these on board willingly. They provided a separate quick video of the cookery group on its own in addition to the main video.


They communicated well as regards when they would attend and were professional in their approach. They were diligent with the consents paperwork.


They were creative in putting the varying aspects of the centre together so that it follows through smoothly as opposed to disjointed elements.


We wish them well in their future careers