Individual film

The area I have decided to choose is: Music Video

I have chosen to do music videos because I really want to show the theme of a song through a narrative. I want to see how I can express and interpret the themes of the song into a film format. 

Themes I want to explore:

Being an outcast

Feeling like you could do more

Feeling like you aren't good enough

Trying to do better

Feeling like you don't belong

I looked at videos such as 

Kodaline - All I want (Part 1 and 2)

Selena Gomez - Bad Liar​

Seafret - Oceans

Kodaline - Ready

Tom Walker - Fly Away With Me


Location mood board


The locations I'm looking at are forests, parks, and a graveyard. I really like the idea of the locations being fairly earth colours such as green and blues. This is so the costume the character will be wearing will stand out and make it even more colourful. 

Costume Ideas

I really love the idea of having a superhero costume to show the inner child of the character.

Developing Ideas


Why is the character in the costume?

Could a younger sibling have recently died? Little sister? He could have told her previously that I'll always be your superhero, will always look after you and save you from harm. 


The opening shot of him in a suit at her graveyard, holding a card or a note, maybe a drawing she did of him

Could he be dressed as a superhero? Her as a princess maybe


Ford Park - Graveyard

Central Park - Park

Find a street - 

Bedroom - Gina’s



Older brother, Superhero - Daniel Earl

Woman to leave purse - Leanne Hummerstone

Girl to help carry boxes - Morgan Louise Cusak


Heroic Acts

Someone has left their purse on a bench and he returns it

Helping someone carry something heavy

Putting litter in the bin



Bedroom - Gina’s Room

1. Going to funeral

2. Putting on costume


Park - Central Park

1. Walking out in costume, scenes of him looking happy - shutting down a path

2. Giving a woman back her purse she’s left on a bench

3. Putting litter in the bin


Graveyard - Ford Park

1. Walking through gravestones

2. Scenes with him placing a teddy down and opening the drawing when he gets the idea


Street - North Hill - Outside our house

1. Walking down the street looking happy - strutting down the road

3. Helping a girl carry some heavy boxes to her house




Prop and Costume

 For the superhero costume, I found a red and yellow costume online that I absolutely loved. I knew I wanted the mask to be handmade and luckily my mum crochets so I kindly asked her to made me a red mask with a yellow D on the front. Colours to match the costume. This would be the costume that my main character would be wearing while doing his small acts of kindness.


















Teddy bear

Kids crayon drawing

Rubbish to put in a bin


3 boxes




1. Full suit - Shirt, tie, blazer, trousers, smart shoes

2. Superhero costume, trainers












Shot List









Production Schedule









Permission to use the song


The song that I want to use is a song called Remember by a band called Sutherland. They are a South African indie band. I found their song on Soundcloud and sent messages to them on Soundcloud and Facebook asking for their permission to use the song. 



















They sent back a message on Facebook giving me permission to use the song. They also wanted to see the final outcome. Yay!!



Equipment used on both shoots

Panasonic AF100 Kit

Canon 600D DSLR Kit

Battery Canon 600D/700D

Libec Tripod Video

Nikon 50mm f1.8  D lens

Samyang 35mm T1.5 AS UMC VDSLR Lens (Canon)

Samyang 14mm lens (canon)

Canon 50mm f1.8 EF lens

Matte Box & Rails

4x4 Glass Filter - ND 0.3

4x4 Glass Filter - ND 0.6

4x4 Glass Filter - ND 0.9 Grad

4x4 Glass Filter - ND 1.2

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