Submit 2 different films with 2 different restrictions


We have to come up with a film idea based on the word MASK.


The group consisted of 







We came up with the idea of using different coloured balloons as our version of a mask. To make it more like an actual mask we were going to draw different emotions and facial expressions onto each balloon and we could get each person in the film to pick the balloon they feel would represent them. They would then hold the balloon up to the camera and one of the crew would quietly go up to them and pop the balloon to see their reactions. 


Once we decided on an idea we were told we were going to be given 2 restrictions and we had to make one film with one and another with the other. But with the same idea.


The two restrictions we got were

1. Fashion film

2. Realism


We then had to split up the roles equally so everyone had a set role. As there were 2 films that had to be made we decided to let one person edit each film.


Lucie - Director

Matt - Editor

Owen - Cinematographer

Amy - Editor 2

Aria - Cinematographer 2


As the idea we came up with was already a realism film we needed to figure out how to turn the idea into a fashion film. I thought of using syncronised movements and a small amount of choreography to make the movements interesting. We would still get the people in the film to hold up balloons to the camera but we would just get them to keep swapping the balloon they had each take to make it more interesting. We would also still use some of the footage from the realism film in this just with a quicker style of editing. 

Here are some photos from both films: