Final Film

Idea 1:



A short film about a dysfunctional family, clawing

at straws to try and stay together. 

A dad who is having an affair.

A mum who's an alcoholic.

The kids only have each other.  

Idea 2: 



A short film about a 22-year-old guy who has the

most mundane life ever. Boring job, no friends, no social life.

He begins to have fantasies about a cooler life where he has an amazing job, a huge group of friends and a hot girlfriend.  

The idea that I have gone for, for my grad film is idea 2. For my Research and Experimentation exploratory film I am going to create a short narrative of my main characters life. 


I want to experiment and explore the use of narration and breaking the fourth wall. These are two techniques that i'm personally not fond of stylistically so i want to use this module to experiment with them to see if it can change my views on them. 


Props and Costume


Call Centre:

  • Computer

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • Headset

  • Pen pot + pens - Just a mug?

  • Loose sheets of paper

  • The script of what to say over the phone

  • Coffee cups

  • Post it notes?

Bennys Room:

  • Cooking books

  • Calendar - red sharpie

  • Vinyl player - vinyls

  • Film posters


  • Tartan pjs and plain top

  • Shirt, tie, trousers - 5 different days



Director: Lucie Eckersley

Writers: Lucie Eckersley, Connor Green, Olivia Leng

Cinematography: Lucie Eckersley, Annie Deane

Production Design: Matt Baker

Editor: Lucie Eckersley

Grips: Connor Green, Annie Deane, Alex Conabere

On set sound: Connor Green, Matt Baker

Music: Dads Watch


Benny: Daniel Earl

Caller 1: Milly Devine

Caller 2: Karen Eckersley

Main Inspiration​


My main inspiration for this film was the indie coming of age film Submarine directed by Richard Ayoade.


What I have taken from this film is the style he used for the opening scene. I love the use of a slow pan around the room to get a sense of the character, eventually ending in the reveal of the character. I knew immediately this is how I wanted my film to start.  


The other technique I took inspiration from was the use of breaking the fourth wall by actually having the character look directly into the camera. This is something I want to be a common occurrence in the film. This is because I think it will suit the narration and the nature of the character I want to write. I want the looks to be obvious but not for them to stand out. This can be done by immediately establishing a certain style so when the fourth wall breaks do happen they seem natural and not out of place. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.18.58.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.19.12.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.19.36.png

Taika Waititi - Sad Cinema

Perks of being a wallflower

Fundamentals of caring

Billie Marten - Bird - night to day

Choice of cast and crew


For the protagonist Benny I knew I wanted to use someone I have experience working with and directing. Daniel Earl was a perfect fit. I knew Dan is confident with acting in front of a camera and know he can do a range of different styles. He's also a funny person so I know he can bring the character of Benny to life.


For the two voice parts, I knew I would struggle. Initially, I wanted to older people but through more writing and thinking I wanted the first one to sound quite dumb and chavvy due to the nature of the dialogue. Ask a nutty cereal if they contain nuts. My housemate Milly Devine was perfect for this as she is very good at putting on a chavvy accent.


For the second one, the mother, I decided to use my actual mother as I have easy access to using her voice. The recording also didn't have to perfect as the audio would be editing to sound like it was coming through a phone so it wasn't important that the audio was pristine. I asked her to sound angry and I think it came across very well. 



When it came to choosing my crew I wanted a mixture of people I trust who I know are reliable and a mixture of new people who I hadn't worked with before. This is because I think using a mixture of the two will help me make the best possible film. 


I knew I wanted 2 people with different styles to help me write the script. One with a more natural drama style and one who is more of a comedy writer. I thought combining these styles with my own writing would help me create the best script possible. I knew I wanted to have elements of humour so using a comedic writer would really benefit this film. 


I would be directing and editing the film.


The two scriptwriters I chose to use are Olivia Leng (third year) and Connor Green (second year).  


For cinematography, I knew I still wanted to work with Annie Deane (third year) because we have worked together so much from previous years that we both know each other's styles and we can easily adapt to the way we work together. i am also confident in her cinematography skills and would really improve the quality of the film.


For production design, it would be Matt Baker (third year) because having worked with him on previous shoots I know he can get the job done in a short amount of time but still up to a high standard. He is also really easy to work with, he knows how to take someone's ideas and easily make it into a realistic set. 


For grips, everyone would be helping out as well as using Alex Conabere (second year) on the second shoot day due to not everyone being available. 


Connor Green      Olivia Leng       Annie Deane


Matt baker         alex conabere


   Daniel Earl        Milly devine     Karen Eckersley

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.01.20.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.04.20.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.02.30.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.02.38.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.08.03.png