Visiting Lecturers

Tony hill

100 heads - one of the first films he made


2nd floor film - 1972

Super 8 camera


Left college and wanted to make a 166mm version of his first real into into film


To See

16mm film

What happens when you change your field of view to 360 degrees?


Downside up - 1984

16mm film

Camera goes from the right way up to upside down in one long slow pan. Change of location by panning back down to black and panning up from black (Love this, experiment with this in the future)


Making this film was a turning point for Hill with his filmmaking. He was helped out by the arts council. 


Hill always wanted to film underwater and he finally got his chance with the help of Channel 4. 


Waterwork - 1987 

All sound is recored after the shoot. 

He experimented with flipping the underwater shots which creates some really cool perspective effects and changes. 


Expanded Movie - 1990

Changed how people and objects look

Expands them. Taller, wider, shorter

Creates some really funny shots


He played around with altering perceptions with rigs and mechanics.


He studied architecture and sculpture which really helped him as can build things to experiment with shots. 


A Short History of the Wheel 

He created a device which allowed him to have the camera turning the same speak as the wheels


Holding the viewer - 1993

16mm film

(We watched this in first year)

He attached the camera to a pole and has the actor act like they were holding the pole. Really effective. Helped a lot by sound effects added in post. 


He has a very cool style for changing locations. End a scene with going to black and start the shot coming up from black. 

Really effective.

Passing cards/people


He has a very good use of sound. Really helps show the style of his films. Filmed after shooting. 


Northcross 2008

Collar with cafe concrete 

Filmed at a roundabout - north cross

People at normal speed and the cars are going really fast


The Doors

6 layers of sound

Same shot, just flipped and put together (So cool!)


Video Installation - The Pool

Documentary of the pool

Uses footage from waterwork. Video projection is on all the walls and the ceiling. 



He experimented with a go pro. Making some short one minute films. On bikes, wheels ect

Bike Pro - 2013

Spin - 2015

Bounce - 2017


Rage and Bone

Kate Mara and Ansel Elgort

In this you can see his rigs in full effect